Executive Committee

Title Name Assigned Committee Term Expires
Chair (Cheif Executive Officer of the MNC, Board of Directors and the executive committee) Michelle Dupuis   Summer 2017
Vice Chair (Serves as Chair for the Membership and Development Committee, welcomes new members, works with the Chair to plan Committee meetings) Willie Grenier Membership and Development Summer 2018
Treasurer (Manage finances, including accounting and membership duties) Chuck Leithiser
  Summer 2020
Secretary (Records minutes for meetings, maintain and update membership list and provide information for MNC newsletter) Jayne Whiteside   Summer 2019
Member-At-Large (Administers the Katherine O. Musgrave Public Service Award, and coordinates requests to display the MNC exhibit board at conferences and events) Kathy Savoie   Summer 2017

Committee Assignments

Committee Assignments Name Term Expires
Member and Public Relations Stephanie Stambach , Chair Summer 2018

This Committee publishes the MNC newsletter, maintains the website, publicizes events via Constant Contact.

Dale Staples Summer 2019
Conference and Program Planning Kelsey Fortin, Chair Summer 2018
This Committee selects the theme for the annual conference, develops the conference agenda and objectives, selects speakers for the conference and reviews the evaluations from the previous annual conference.

Elyse Lewis 

Kathryn Walker 

Summer 2018

Summer 2020

Legislative Committee Sonja Carvalho, Chair Summer 2020
This Committee tracks legislation that may be of interest to MNC members, writes responses as appropriate and writes the legislative update for the MNC newsletter.   Summer 2019
Membership and Development Committee Willie Grenier, Chair Summer 2018
This Committee works to recruit new MNC members, nominate Board of Directors members, and submit articles for the MNC newsletter.

Denise Boothby

Summer 2019

Our Mission

The Maine Nutrition Council promotes the mission of its founders – to contribute to the health and well-being of Maine citizens through education, research and advocacy.